The mark you need to achieve in order to pass will be dependent on the branch you’re joining. As part of the Royal Navy selection process you will be required to pass what is called a ‘Recruiting Test’. Also would like to know the pass mark for each role available to a rating entering the royal navy. I did pass my test 5 years ago but since was declared PMU at the time i didn’t get in. It is a series of timed questions that assess a candidate’s ability to absorb information quickly and logically. its a night mare, googled it loads of times and even been on links on navy website but taking me to bad sites or ones where you pay. The Armed Forces have used psychometric tests for many years in their selection process, and is proven to be an invaluable strategy that … ONLINE ROYAL NAVY RECRUITING TEST QUESTIONS. ive signed up for the royal navy and i have my psychometric test in 12 days. The Navy visit College every year and lead the psychometric tests which are the same as those required for people wanting to enter the Royal Navy for real. royal navy psychometric test!? (This is effectively multiple psychometric tests rolled into one.) Navy Aptitude Tests Practice. The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) is an important part of the joining process of the Royal Navy. Public Services students have recently undergone a Royal Navy psychometric test. This comprises of a series of psychometric tests including: a spatial reasoning test, a verbal ability test, a numerical reasoning test and a mechanical comprehension test. Unlike most psychometric tests, the Royal Navy recruitment test groups several types of reasoning into one section. Dear Royal Navy, I am writing to request all copies of the psychometric test and awnsersthat could be used for the recruitment test 2017. The results of the tests dictate which role a student will be best suited to within the Royal Navy. The test is designed to assess a wide variety of skills and fields of knowledge which help the army's recruiters to spot the right candidates for the right jobs. Ask your AFCO for more information. The BARB test is a computer-based, psychometric assessment that was developed by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) and Plymouth University. The Royal Navy recruitment test – Reasoning. Expect to answer questions on the following: If anyone fails the test after having a genuine crack at the practice test, the odds are they just have crap memory recall. what website lets you practise for free? JobTestPrep's experience in developing practice tools for psychometric tests has led to the creation of the Royal Navy … help? You will be given 9 minutes to complete 30 questions in this section. The example questions here are your opportunity to practice. THE ROYAL NAVY RECRUITING TEST (RT) To undergo training in the Royal Navy, you must first complete a series of psychometric tests. I have booked my psychometric test to join the Royal Navy as a weapons engineer. Through seeing specialists it is potential I can have my PMU lifted and have been invited to take another psychometric test again as a weapons engineer. After the test i was informed I did very well in my numeracy, I did ok in my mechanical comprehension, I did well in my reasoning but failed my English by very very few marks (1 mark) I was informed I got enough marks for almost every other branch of the Royal Navy. I recently did my psychometric test and I was applying for the Royal Marines Officer branch. The new online practice Naval Service Recruit Test is stunningly similar to the actual test you sit.
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