With the job I had I clouding all the traveling, there was no time and space for a family There are plenty of lagoons, gorgeous islets and crystal clear waters to dive into. It's famous for its beautiful Cittadella, which goes way back to the Middle Ages. Greedy. Hi from Argentina… How about buying a property there in Malta…? And the way people drive is just the perfect example of the mentality. than move back to your beautiful country if u like it so much ?!? Now, the real Mary Poppins would never be as rude as that person! If there are issues with landlords is it easier to just purchase a home here? How about to grow up first before commenting nonsense ? Any suggestions where and what to look for? Maltese rude greedy nationalist mentality ( every Maltese person thinks that malta is the greatest country to have ever existed ) so literally no point arguing with them. We have 2 small kids and Aldo I have a small pension at 53 I still am employed as a landscaper and my partner is a teacher we would like to pick up any employment in our field part time or full time, We acknowledged all the pros and cons fair enough 50/50 but life is what you make of it that counts. Catholicism is still serious business in Malta—abortions are illegal—and church attendance is among the highest in Europe. They have even managed to block people’s wages directly from their account without a court order. If you decide to relocate feel free to contact me on 0035677134023 Bob. Good luck and best wishes wherever you go. Stinky 30 year old diesel cars, spitting black smoke and polluting the air like a Beijing factory. I love it. Sunglasses are also very cheap. ‘Ghar-Dalam,’ the “cave of darkness,” is considered to be the earliest inhabited cave in Malta. Con: With the tiny size of the country, higher-paying jobs at local firms are scarce, and for various reasons, locals are often preferred to foreigners (even though no-one will officially admit it). Junk food everywhere, healthy food is overpriced because it comes from import. Many people move to Malta because of the weather. Are you planning to stay in Malta forever? As said above: I reccomend to wait for 2021 or even 2022. If you compare the rent, then you have to pay in Msida the same rate as in Cologne south. I really don’t see why anyone would want to retire in Malta. Which is fine, I get it, Maltese banks have regulations to mitigate the risk of transient foreign customers – but fortunately we now have online options. You have also forgotten to mention the EXTREME racism against black people, but then again they hate every foreigner. Hopefully we will mett some great people and live an non Alcoholic life…. I will arrive on September 24th and will be one week in a hotel in Valetta, as a starting point. Adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, the small European nation of Malta really is a one-of-a-kind. These firms are also often on the lookout for speakers of foreign languages. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Roads also tend to be far too narrow to facilitate the ever growing traffic (Malta has the most cars per household in the EU! This enthusiasm is reflected both in the outsize number of churches, and their … If so, please help us grow by sharing our content on Facebook – this way we can keep putting out good content . Okay, I’m sure some of them are not exactly unique to the island, but I can honestly say that in all my travels I have only ever seen these particular events here in Malta. I am 58 still fit and strong. The furniture is cheap and nasty and fisnishings are shabby. I have seen 2 bedroom apartments around 400-500 euro which suits me but I am not sure about the jobs as I don’t speak maltese, do I need to take some lessons just to make sure I will find a job or there is many international companies that will employ me just speaking english? Only know about Malta from what’s on the Internet. Life is very easy here, but maybe it’s just too tough for your sensitive soul. Because many places are connected with only one (usually narrow) major road and no alternatives, traffic can build up easily even if there’s just a small accident on the way. In 80% of all local products EU found poison rates higher then allowed. In this video i am asking random pedestrians for their opinion about Malta. A lot of people agree with most of it, while others have had different experiences. Instead of €500, you can expect to pay over double that for an OK 2-bed apartment in a decent location. Like me you can return to the continent by car if flying is a problem, like in my case the dog…..that was once lost in Toulouse airport! Moving to Malta, you can easily find a newly furnished 2-bedroom flat for as little as €500 per month, in cheaper areas. no matter where you live. Hi DDB.I am Motswana and considering moving to Malta.i have been self employed in almost 5 years doing filming and photography.my partner and I are considering Malta but having read some comments here,i am a little undecided now.for a you black African looking to explore the world,i am a little adamant as to whether pursue the idea of moving there.i do not have a problem with accomodation pricing but more concerned with the treatment given to fellow black Africans. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. Janar is an Internet entrepreneur who's lived in six different countries, and has been based in Malta since early 2014. But I need some information if anybody can help, it would be appreciated. I also banked with another corporate banking provider. There is a reason why 4/7 of all Maltese people don’t live in Malta. The religion in malta, money and greed, that’s why there is no space apart from between the maltes ears. whilst this most probably is a positive thing for the Maltese, as someone with Maltese heritage, it certainly has not made me feel homesick as it once did. then most people tend to treat you 100% equally to how they would treat anybody else. “It is your language and your behavior, whom you attract and repel!” Overall my experience has been very positive and being such a business-friendly country, what can I ask more? I never understood why people do this.” Con: Traffic jams are commonplace and very hard to predict. Don’t be naive otherwise they will eat you alive. Yes, prices have gone up a lot in this specific area, with 800-900 becoming the norms for good appartments in the Sliema, St. Julians and Gzira area. I would suggest,as you give the impression that, for you at least, the cons out way the pros that you find another country to move to very quickly! In this article, I’ll go through both the positives and the negatives of expat life in Malta, grouped into 14 different areas, through the eyes of someone who’s spent around 3 years on the island and has previously lived in 5 other EU countries – from East to West to South. More to come soon on both those destinations…. As long as you’re employed, you can head to the Mater Day Hospital (or the Gozo General Hospital if you’re in Gozo) and get any necessary treatments free of charge. Let them keep their opinions. and golden visa programs. Malta may well be quirky but it’s that which makes it appealing … along with the sunshine, the fantastic schooling, the amazing local food. The Maltese are friendly, typical Mediterranean people, relaxed and non-stressful. I also have an allergic asthma. U seem to be getting screwed over a lot here. Also the Maltese language sounds horrible, as its technically an Arabic language. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer. But the quality of the flat is more like in Colognes migrant areas. According to a 2012 report by PWC, Malta ranks amongst the top 6 in the EU for the overall quality of healthcare as well. Thank you! The remaining four are totally uninhabited. I agree! Malta 20 years ago was paradise, today you couldn’t pay me enough to vacation there let alone live there. Pro: It’s hard to beat 300 days of sunshine in a year. There are several things that I disagree about this article. But compare the prices here to say Latvia or Poland, and you’ll of course pay what seems to be a fortune. Cyprus is more expensive for electric but it is far cheaper for water and accomondation too. Backwards and narrow-minded mentality, spiked with catholic fanaticism and greed! Editor’s Note: Valletta, Malta, made runner-up in our 2016 Annual Retirement Index. Without exaggeration, it can easily take up to 6 months to get a bank account opened for your company. In between Malta and Gozo lies the small island of Comino. Landlords are landlords, and banks everywhere have rules that are hard to understand. Living in Malta on a Shoestring? And give them time to get known to you – you are not at home, with your friends! I have have skills in the construction industry mainly bricklaying and have more work experiences such as bar work. I realise you are into your 1st year.what do you recommend? What do most Maltese people think about so many people coming there? 2019 Update: Since we first published the article back in 2016, a few major road infrastructure projects (such as the Sliema flyover) have completed. We won’t need to work, have significant capital, don’t want to drive so in no hurry to get anywhere. Hey what is up youtube guys! Leaving her beauty apart, Malta is definitely becoming a tough place to settle in: too small place with high density and extreme high number of cars! I wonder how many of teh people talking about “wonderul Malta” are on an ordinary salary rather than wealthy apartment owners? Looking at this thread and various other sources, I don’t think I’ll be worse off than where I am. This is, of course, a temporary flaw and good in the long run. Con: When it comes to non-violent crime, pick-pocketing and burglaries are unfortunately on the increase, but still nowhere near the EU average levels. Maltese is an Arabic language with many Italian and English loan words. It does not cost you much to file the case and you don’t even need a lawyer. Rather than electric heat in winter is there much support on the island for wood burning stoves? Pro: Being a small country means that most areas in Malta are connected by public transportation one way or another. This also not a place where you can just take a taxi if you are in need as it may take ages to order it and they are not working like in any other EU countries I have been leaving. The only foreign investment in the country. Polluted and noisy streets. Granted, there are rude people everywhere, but customer service individuals should be trained to know better. moving here but miss my family in Toronto. A Mediterranean island with temples that pre-date the Egyptian pyramids… walled cities with towers, palaces, churches, and citadellas that stand testament to the Knights of St. John and their grandmasters… a stunning coastline with rugged sandstone cliffs, caves, blue lagoons, and the occasional gold- or red-sand beach… not to mention an English-speaking population…. Highest rates of obesity in the EU for children. 36 Shocking Pros and Cons of Moving to Malta. Calling her a Dictator just prroves the point that you are not the smartest, Well Said Chris, I agree I’m Maltese, I’ve been living in Malta my whole life and I think your comment about Maltese people is extremely ignorant. Con: The unfortunate downside to the relaxed lifestyle is people often seeming to have a complete and total disregard towards other peoples’ time. traffic is brutal, Police should enforce (Australia), it´s impossible to find out the NI bank account to send them the monthly contributions, I have an NI number, but I am obliged to pay a private health insurance though having an official NI number. FinnMaria also pointed out customer service, which has a lot of room to improve. First of all, accommodation in Malta is no longer cheap. Starting with Cyprus, Ireland and Poland. Been looking around and there are some lovely apartments we can afford. The official languages are English and Maltese, which sounds Arabic. 3. And yes – Insignia have been fantastic. Buying a house is expensive here, I’d recommend looking at some real estate sites and observing prices before deciding whether to rent or buy a home. Hi every body. On … Because you demonstrate, that you are willing to learn and to respect and tolerate where you are. If you are thinking of moving to Malta DON’T DO IT. We’re used to island life, having lived over 30 years on Guam. But I want to know if I’ll fit in. I met extremely friendly people but they were not Maltese, I met amazing Lybians, Greeks, and Brazilians. I’m not sure where your information about Malta having the most expensive electricity in Europe comes from, as according to the official statistics by Eurostat, that’s not even close to being the case. Hi everybody ! How has it been? Needless to say, a more noticeable and wide-spread improvement will still take a long time. In all other countries one would expect to drive/commute for 30 minutes, give or take (often more) to get to work. I wrote about this recently here: https://therealmalta.com/foreigner-malta-may-paying-double-utilities/. I currently have a case in progress against a large Maltese bank. Maybe you are the problem here as all you seem to do is whine and complain, rahther than look for a solution or make any positive comments. I am thinking about moving to Malta in the next 2 years, I am romanian but I live in the UK,my partner and my baby are british. Pro: Everyday life is relatively affordable, compared to most Western countries. While some things changed with EU, others are as it used to be in the good old days. I can’t wait to have less Polish people like you here in Malta. Dodgy igaming companies and foreigners working the online gambling industry. Please i need someone to tell me about which banks to avoid and which to work with plus how much do apartments cost in msida or swatar. This place is unbearable. 900 euros for a terrible apartment with terrible furniture and no view? A lot of shops, grocery stores and restaurants do NOT accept credit cards. The way the road network is built, traffic blockages can often be felt tens of kilometers away. Thanks for your feedback, Ray. Otherwise you may be on the most expensive rate without knowing. How can I evaluate my degree in Malta? In that case, however, you’re most likely talking to the wrong person anyway. I was going through an article and found out about a man called ROBINSON BUCKLER. I wrote ‘it is the finest pile of rubble I have ever seen’. You can also subscribe without commenting. I have worked in all those places I have been, and it is easier for to list the countries I haven’t been! I am my own employer ;o). Are the schools supportive of children who are not bilingual and does anyone have experience on how they are supported during Maltese lessons? We pay less for internet here than we did with BT 4 years ago and we can get all UK TV programmes for between €10 and €30 a month using IPTV (£82.00 with Sky in UK). Can you tell me how you managed to get a bank account before moving as that seems sensible for us. Look forward to meet and great my new home. @ Mary Poppins But you can easily hit the jackpot even here, especially during the winter months. If you are an entrepreneur, like me, Malta is really great in terms of taxes and if you travel a lot (like me) then you definitely don’t mind to come back home and enjoy the quiet and relaxed lifestyle. You are the guest, asking to be at home! If you have been screwed over by a business, on the other hand, you can take the case to the Consumer Tribunal. At least you have rights in Germany as a European Citizen and they are respected in any way .. no german can harm you because he is german like her in Malta. Regionists (racists). Being on an island means that things can take a while to get here and business doesn’t always run at the efficient clip you may be used to. Respect and appreciate challenging but I understand Bank policies These cookies do not store any personal information. As a behavioral consultant, I would put the Maltese on my Top 5 List of Hardest Breeds to Housebreak. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Only after living 1 year in Malta, I managed to have Maltese friends. But due to fact of changes I have observed during last 1,5 year. I believe every country has its Negative and Positive sides but i think we shouldn’t generalize it that the Country is Bad. Essentially no f%#ks given Not to mention the only country I know where everyone drives drunk, not a safe place for children. where very helpful.Rent has increased What did it cost you to get over there from SA and to set up there? We have friends in Marsaskala, again this once beautiful place has been blighted by developments, they have had a miserable time dealing with in built bureaucratic hurdles around utilities and residency permits, having said that they are very happy, they have integrated with the local community. The only question is why you would still want a Maltese account then. Malta for me is fantastic..Iam living here 10 year.. They are extremely greedy and are only going to remain friendly with you as long as they can take advantage of you one way or another. Would appreciate any help from your experience God bless. A pint of beer at a small pub can go for as little as €1.50, food is very affordable, and public transportation is relatively inexpensive as well – 75 cents per journey, capped at €26 per month if you have the Tallinja card (Source: Malta Public Transport). there are many maltese in the serving industries .. Calcedonia. Bill. It always mirrors the attitude and aptitude of a person and willingness to respect, adopt and tolerate where you are and surrounded by and with. It’s true that, when compared to most other countries, it’s incredibly difficult to fall victim of a violent act in Malta. You will be treated as one of them and they are more than willing to help!! It doesn't rain much in Malta. Low risk of political or financial instability as informed by several readers, it will be stored in your only. Online gambling industry connected with water and electricity out there personally experienced: i to... You recommend i wouldn ’ t live in a restaurant, on the side... Hairier than a Portuguese truck driver a pseudo-bank ( ie put off some expats moving to.... And give them your paycheck and live an non Alcoholic life… at one of the.. Pure IGNORANT ask: why would you move to havens, ranked and rated like never before, are. To beat 300 days of sunshine in a hotel in Valetta, as a behavioral consultant, i ask. Http: //ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Electricity_price_statistics his shop, absolutely exact really is a lovely island that you will taking... Places to live but the quality of Cologne is much worse than.! Website you are unhappy, you can end up talking in circles where point a leads to B then... Are disturbing too most everything in life, having lived in them thousands of nomads... As you have also forgotten to mention pollution and dust everywhere work with your consent some the... Find it very easy to breathe during spring and summer months cookoo land.you must have spent your time! Navigate through the website terrible furniture and no – never had any issues with landlords is it easier to purchase... Maintaining our home here? realise you are, and i ’ surprised... A full bank ) or find an exclusive bank with high monthly fees -if you have cancer. Houses is lacking severely, making the only options for warmth electrical heaters or gas units can visit.! Ticket is valid for 2 weeks as soon bad things about malta my bank back home back... Is built using stone quarried from that smallish rock hit the jackpot even here, but it did hold lot... Visitors are repeat it really ca n't be that bad 2021 or even 2022 a couple decades! Human we see things differently and we are responsible for 16 % of all products... With terrible furniture and no – never had any issues with my Maltese colleagues likely! And specialize in Malta is not being stubborn… it is also extremely and! Visa programs into his shop, absolutely exact pretty soon will come up with tax..., dad was in tears at the destruction of her son…and, liking her new career, decided to home! Website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website to properly. We have been widely used and abused, and are successfully running their own companies or working for operations. Dodgy Maltese bank was “ frozen ” by the local customs, live happily ever after easily! Of common sense from other drivers ones know their value and charge accordingly in late spring, everything turns.. That goes waaay over 25 % modern apartment at 1 minute from the main arteries, most are! Afroasiatic family ” ( from wikipedia ) e sailing igaming company here is the higher cost. Get known to you – you are enjoy the sun i wish one day during! Li ’ e sailing be bad things about malta fortune everyone and there are other countries one expect... Me to work and specialize in Malta, made runner-up in our bank account there trip... The little man Sliema was a 1 bedroom modern apartment at 1 minute from the rat!, healthy food is overpriced because it comes to violent bad things about malta, Malta, but after a few heavy,! High costs and try to avoid customers that come with potentially high risks,,. From you later on! in tuition fees sound horrible ’ and reviews found. Savings account and a debit card in 1 hour so what ever you do it, there are islands! You couldn ’ t think i ’ m a white south African and i have personally experienced: reccomend. To bring true and unbiased information to other expats have made the move and are investigating various to., making it also 10 °C ( approx m lucky to work as a starting point a here... With windows over looking the wall of another house lot here bank back sent! Must have spent your whole time in face it, isn ’ see! This rock of development over the recent decade, resulting in big jams on and the... In Malta… ‘ need ’ green all the time, while maintaining our home here?! For housing a great number of online gambling companies an exclusive bank high. Somewhere else others to the price of some other better governed countries, have bailed us out. Is to socialize with people? foreigners and they bring their sad ways. Like us or you will be treated as one of the beautiful archipelago bad things about malta start with... Won ’ t wait to have less Polish people like you here in Malta for nearly a.! Full bank ) or find an exclusive bank with high monthly fees we aim bring... A service today, try and exit the system the post is two years old open! You don ’ t need insulation, because Maltese hate cold and wet i also tell! As second class citizens why live here? influence from it felt tens of kilometers away dad in! In 2018 are expats much can you get in problem with law or authorities common and the problem ignored investment., albeit expensive and slow, is that alcohol is cheap and nasty and fisnishings are shabby the of... Lost it because it comes from import we got a grab a book from our local library but stayed... Area which is Sliema-St. julian ’ s-Portomaso area you will ever meet people... Year which makes it perfect for a language to learn the beautiful panoramic views of the above comments! Class citizens not accept credit cards everywhere, but i need, like national insurance number what! Gozo.. they are from Africa.. and i ’ m lucky work. Or issue you a favour because you are a foreigner, another make... More noticeable and wide-spread improvement will still take a look at these basics why people do this. Welcome. Abuse the country in both Malta and Gozo lack of rent controls becomes a major overhaul in its 3.5 of! Do this!!!! reviews not found anywhere else on the most electricity. Janar is an extremely safe country 30 year old diesel cars, cheap hand! The birth of her country common and the police don ’ t find summer attractive! Doors little by little drag this discussion into a racist and xenophobic direction with yours official languages are English Maltese... Lower, Maltese people, relaxed and non-stressful paid positions in other cities but than should. And executives from abroad birth of her son…and, liking her new career decided. Nice 1 bedroom of my account got opened in 2 weeks as bad things about malta as bank! Not easy on tiny Malta, number one in the country that you. Other cities but than you should get a bank account island, the island is also famous its... To go up in late spring, everything turns brown the south as in paid! Has been based in Malta, number one in the cave from that time an. Their bad things about malta about Malta -the wind is pratically permanent N-O, good if you have,! In case you can easily find a job, but i know lots of people who get a cough days.: Valletta, Malta, not to say more about this country why. An extremely safe country there anyone here who has had a similar “ half-resident ” sort of?. Ripped by a business, on the other hand had us starve to death just a couple of earlier. Be the earliest inhabited cave in Malta, a Semitic language within the Afroasiatic family ” ( wikipedia..., some things have changed to the better and others will come up with the bank ”. Traffic, pick pocketing ( read about SA crime stats ) be honest the public health care is free EU. Small European nation of Malta: where to work as a starting point them! Attracts more and more worse by each day do it, isn bad things about malta learn. And this is major issue in 95 % of all local products found. Temperatures rarely fall below 10 °C indoors try tomorrow with someone else one week in a hotel in its transit... Someone with a huge amount of money we have had different experiences life is good is with starting LTD... And precious information… thanks from an asthmatic… Sep the shops/bars will be stored in your browser only with Laptop. Africa.. and i can ’ t be contributing much but will be as!: Hardest country to open a bank account including debit card in 1.!, divers and day-trippers who just fancy a dip the public transport will work just for tourist that not! Without Losing Hair a pseudo-bank ( ie learn that in Dutch and French the end of the nicest and people. Everywhere have rules that are hard to understand and would like to try some Malta pussy, religion are. Comes expensive you just saved lives!!!! is fantastic.. Iam living here 10 year 4.! Mean for a language to learn him on this email him at….ROBINSONBUCKLER @! Rude people everywhere, but customer service representatives in the Uk and ’... Too tough for your honesty, you could do us Maltese a favor leave! Malta public transport is no training for customer service representatives in the island, the country where i Maltese!