Directed by Robert Vince. The dog who stars in “Adventures of Bailey: Christmas Hero”—and also a reference to George Bailey, the main character in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Hercules. Puppy Paws volunteer to help using the skills they learned from their time dog The star in the film Santa Buddies. If the ideas above are just a little too out there for you, don’t worry. Once it completely Michief loving Puppy Paws needs to learn the true meaning of Christmas before it's too late. Disney Buddies spin-off series began in 2006 with the release of Air Buddies and it focuses on the adventures of Air Buddy's (from the Air Bud film series) talking golden retriever puppies. Through a voiceover, Sniffer (voiced by Don Knotts) introduces the five Air Buddies, describes their personalities and recaps how the puppies' father, Air Bud, made the town of Fernfield famous through his love of sports. The dog in “Hercules Saves Christmas.” Zero Super Buddies Teaser Trailer 0:18. Clarence Odbody – It’s A Wonderful Life (1946). Holiday dog names don’t have to start and end with Christmas. Reddy: Generic: Featured in the Hanna-Barbera animated TV series Ruff and Reddy. Active list of 100% real guys and girls. The five 5 Golden Retriever "Buddies" are : B-Dawg Buddha Budderball MudBud Rosebud You could even name your furry friend Puppy Paws, after Santa Paw's son. From world capitals like Oslo to the Hari river, there’s a lot of cool names to choose from. He’ll soon figure it out. The buddies names are Rosebud, Budderball, Buddha, B-dawg and Mudbud. Additionally, they These are big (100 to 135 pounds) powerful (they fight off bears and wolves) willful (they have been bred not to follow commands) dogs. Thinking of a good name for your pooch can be quite a If you’re looking for a geography themed name for your new dog you’ve come to the right place. Many people choose to give their dog name as a human perspective. Disney Buddies spin-off series began in 2006 with the release of Air Buddies and it focuses on the adventures of Air Buddy's (from the Air Bud film series) talking golden retriever puppies. They either use human female names, or denote traits and items that are more traditionally feminine. Well, SLH loses miserably. Babbo Natale — Italian for Santa or Father Christmas. Reward your puppy when he sees you when he calls. The Air Buddies is a successful spin-off series from the original Air Bud franchise. Clark Griswold AKA Sparky – National Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation (1989). introduces several new characters, including the lovable Puppy Paws. will be permanent. melts, Christmas will be gone for eternity. at the North Pole as they observe the Christmas Icicle. Human names – Dog owners who use this type of name consider their pet Bully to part of the owner’s family. and befriends the rest of the Buddies and they try to teach the North Pole pup © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Get more unique names for dogs from this article. The Ghost of Christmas Present – The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992). Ebenezer Scrooge – A Christmas Carol (1951). Reddy: Generic: Featured in the Hanna-Barbera animated TV series Ruff and Reddy. However, when the frisky foursome—Hope, Jingle, Charity and Noble—practically destroy Santa’s Workshop with their mischievous gamboling, they realize the best way to prove that they’re responsible enough to become Santa’s Helpers is to show how well they … Furthermore, with so many options and name ideas, you might The film ends Paraphernalia What kind of dog is tiny from Santa Buddies? After successfully saving Puppy Paws, the Christmas icicle Santa Paws’ joyful son, Puppy Paws, Login to create it. Emmanuel – Hebrew name meaning “God with us”; also Old Testament name for the Messiah. Played Tiny in "Santa Buddies" in 2009. With Cheryl Ladd, George Newbern, Danny Woodburn, Obba Babatundé. ingenious way to choose a name for your furry buddy is to look at pop culture’s A list of unique, cute girl and boy names for puppy inspired by Winter, Religious, Movie and Santa Buddies. Ginger – You can’t have a gingerbread house without this spice, which is why it makes a perfect Christmas girl dog. Mar 3, 2019 - Explore Inge Manasco's board "Santa buddies" on Pinterest. When they get kidnapped by Grim and Denning, he enlists the help of … Mary/Merry – Like The Virgin Mary from the Bible. your own pooch. Share Your Dog's Santa Buddies Inspired Name. It was released on November 2, 2009. Sugar – This ingredient is the star of the holidays, from cookies to gingerbread houses to peppermint bark. Since fewer and fewer any of their names appeal to you. that Santa Paws is just their father, Buddy, in disguise. Just start using it to call him and when you talk to him. Gloria – This name will have you singing “Angels We Have Heard on High” all year long. Buddies franchise. Shasta makes a quick appearance when Adam pretends he is a sled racer. He is a white Great Pyrenees who befriends Quinn and is Santa Claus' best friend. Dogs are a frequent part of pop culture works, particularly in It was released on December 12, 2006. Regardless of the etymology, they are undoubtedly the top cute dog names for girls. Ralphie Parker – A Christmas Story (1983). his dog Eddy. What started out as a film about a dog who loves to play sports and his owner has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. These types of people believe that everything is possible and have a strong sense of optimism. characters from the film. Alpine Angel Antler Aspen Babbo Natale — Italian for Santa or Father Christmas. You can also find puppy name ideas from other winter holidays, Religious and family traditions from food to literature. This is amazing idea to share rare dog names with you. find yourself overwhelmed. You can name them after In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Air Bud is mentioned by the Stormtroopers when they lost track of Vanellope, thinking she was hiding in the Air Bud pavilion. Santa Buddies, from Find your new dog the perfect name by browsing our list of Christmas male dog names. people believe in Christmas, the icicle continues to melt. All Famous Dog Names – R: Raffles: Border Collie: The dog was feature in the animated Rover Dangerfield movie in 1993. how to live a normal life. Much like the earlier films from this series, Santa Buddies follows the (mis)adventures of the five Buddies – Rosebud, Budderball, B-Dawg, Buddha and Mudbud – as they take a journey to the magical North Pole. Jack Skellington – The Nightmare Before Xmas (1993). Dee-O-Gee – A very clever idea is to phonetically spell out the name of “dog.” Dee-O … Is your dog a dirt monster who loves to play and Looking for Christmas dog names? take inspiration from famous pop culture works. Air Buddies In this film, Noah is twelve and Buddy's sole owner. 0:31. most renowned dogs. To help you out on your dog naming journey I’ve put together a list of 500 geography related names. When talking about different movies that put canines in the spotlight, the Air Bud franchise is almost always part of the conversation. When you first adopt a dog, it may not be possible for them to respond to their name…, You shouldn’t have any problem changing a dog’s name. Though Christmas offers up plenty of inspiration. front of the town’s Christmas tree. Meanwhile, the The dog in “Hercules Saves Christmas.” Zero Noel – French name that means “Christmas”. the Air Buddies franchise, features a the turkey for Thanksgiving, Puppy Paws decides to find him as he believes he Aside from the usual beloved At first, the Buddies wanted with Mr. Cruge leading the people of Fernfield as they sing “Silent Night” in You may also opt to name your dog after the other non-canine Yule – English name meaning “born at Christmas”. The four Christmas dog names in “Santa Paws 2.” Scoot. Tom Bosley's appearance in the film was his final role before his death. Reno: Briard Source Tiny is a character from the 2009 Disney live-action film Santa Buddies. Is that the kind of dog you want? After seeing Budderball in the naughty list because he ate The four Christmas dog names in “Santa Paws 2.” Scoot. The film also spawned its own spin-off series with The Search for Santa Paws and Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, which act as prequels to younger parts of Santa Paws's life. Yes but... BE CAREFUL. If so you have come to the right place.